A Great Netflix Show Is Being Turned Into A Video Game

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The excellent Netflix show Narcos is being turned into a video game. Narcos: Rise of the Cartels is described as a “brutal tactical turn-based strategy game” based on the show that chronicles the fight against cocaine king Pablo Escobar and his drug empire.

Rise of the Cartels specifically follows the events of Narcos Season 1, which saw DEA agents going after Escobar and his Medellin cartel in Colombia. There are two campaigns, and players can choose to side with Escobar or DEA agent Steve Murphy. The game appears to borrow the likenesses of the actors who played Escobar and Murphy, Wagner Moura and Boyd Holbrook, respectively.

The game is slated for a digital release in “late 2019” on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC, with a physical edition launching sometime in Q4 (October 1-December 31).

In addition to Escobar and Murphy, Rise of the Cartels features other familar characters from the show such as El Mexicano, Peña, and Primo. Each has their own unique perks and abilities.

In terms of the gameplay, units on each side move simultaneously. Additionally, the camera switches from top-down to third-person in pivotal moments.

As for the Narcos TV show, the show’s third and final season premiered in 2017. A companion show, Narcos: Mexico, focused on the illicit drug trade in Mexico. Michael Pena and Diego Luna starred in it.

Rise of the Cartels is developed Kuju (Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, Chainsmokers Paris VR) and published by Curve Digital (Dear Esther, Human Fall Flat).

Source: Game Spot Mashup