A Remake Of The Princess Bride Is Coming, But It's Not What You Expect

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A new version the iconic 1987 fantasy movie The Princess Bride is being made, and it has one of the biggest celebrity casts we’ve ever seen and an unusual setup.

Juno director Jason Reitman is directing the movie, which was filmed at each actor’s home using their own mobile phone due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The film will be released on the nascent streaming service Quibi in chapters, the first of which will debut on June 29.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner–who are married in real life–are playing the lead roles, with Jonas portraying Princess Buttercup and Turner portraying Westley. The gender-swapped roles aren’t the only update for the Quibi movie, as the Rodent of Unusual Size (ROUS) will be played by a dog–a corgi, to be more specific. In other weirdness, stuffed animals and Lego figures will be used for crowd scenes.

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