A Star Wars Horror Movie? Mike Flanagan From Midnight Mass Would Love To Do It

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Mike Flanagan is known for making horror TV shows and movies, with Midnight Mass for Netflix being his latest work. But what might he make next? It sounds like a pipe dream for now, but Flanagan said on Twitter recently that he would jump at the chance to make a Star Wars horror movie.

After getting abruptly awoken by an earthquake recently, Flanagan had an epiphany of sorts. “Got woken up by the earthquake this morning, sat there for a few minutes just thinking, ‘I’d really love to make a horror movie in the Star Wars universe…” he said.

The responses to Flanagan’s tweet poured in swiftly, with many saying this is a great idea. Midnight Mass star Rahul Kohli was among the people who replied. Kohli said to Flanagan, “Ohhhhhh you’ve been reading my diary,” with an image of Stormtrooper who had seen better days. Filmmaker Edgar Wright replied as well, offering Flanagan a title for his movie, “Don’t Be Afraid Of The Darth.”

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