Adjusting Apex Legends' Maps Based On Fan Feedback Has Been A "Benefit For Us," Says Design Director

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In the Apex Devstream for Apex Legends‘ upcoming Genesis event, Respawn revealed that it’s been much easier for the team to make adjustments to the battle royale game’s maps since Season 7. With three maps now in rotation in Apex Legends, Respawn can take a whole season to discuss how a map should be altered based on community feedback.

“We only had Kings Canyon at first,” design director Jason McCord said during the stream. “In Season 2, we needed to do a map update–I was working on that, probably pre-launch of the whole game. So I didn’t know what to tackle–besides our own playtests–for what I would change, what the designers wanted, and whatever everyone else would want to see different.”

McCord went on to say that he had to make “blind assumptions” in those early days, hoping to correctly guess what players would want to see changed based on little available data. “Which is really scary,” he said.

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