After 6 Years, Axiom Verge Gets Its First Piece Of Post-Launch Content

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Almost six years after its launch, Axiom Verge is getting its first piece of post-launch content–and it’s free! The new content is a Randomizer Mode, which is currently live in beta for the PC version of the game. The mode will be released for consoles (also for free) at a later date.

Originally existing as an unofficial mod, Randomizer Mode has been worked on by Axiom Verge speedrunners NoReset Games, Chris Couture (aka VideoGameRoulette), Dimitrios Lianopoulos (GVirus), Mark Rawls (Willow), Lars Lehmann (Leemyy), and CrowdControl’s Matthew Jakubowski (Jaku)–as well as the mod’s creator, Pozzum, for years. Now, the mod is being officially implemented into the game.

“They spent years working on this and refused any compensation I offered,” Axiom Verge developer Thomas Happ wrote in a blog post. “It was a labor of love, and I’m hugely grateful to all of them.”

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