Age Of Empires Cereal Is A Real Thing, And It Looks Great

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The Xbox ANZ team has revealed its next unique creation, and it’s Age of Empires-themed cereal to mark the launch of Age of Empires IV later this week.

The cereal is called WOLOL’Os. The promotion plays off how Age of Empire game CDs used to come included with cereal boxes decades ago. For some people, getting started with Age of Empires and the RTS genre in general stemmed from these types of promotions.

Age of Empires cereal is here
Age of Empires cereal is here

“With the name of the cereal deriving from the battle cry of the priest in the early edition of the game, believe or not, but WOLOL’Os is a real and completely edible cereal,” Microsoft said. “Packed full of goodness to help build strong and healthy strategic minds, this cereal is not only a great way to start your day but also a sure way to convert your enemies!”

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