ALGS Prize Pool Reaches $2.58 Million After Crowdfunding Campaign

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The prize pool for this year’s Apex Legends Global Championship Series (ALGS) will have a massive prize pool. Thanks to a crowdfunding effort, the prize pool will be $2,580,590.

“This milestone would not be possible if it wasn’t for the passionate community making Apex Legends one of the most popular franchises in the world,” developer Respawn said in a blog post. “Despite an unprecedented 2020 that left us no choice but to pivot the ALGS to fully online competition, we’re seeing more players play and more fans watch at an increasing rate.”

“With now more than 100 million total Apex Legends unique players, and the ALGS Winter Circuit Playoffs hitting a franchise record 100,000 average minute audience, the future of competitive gaming shines bright.”

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