All 40 Crypto Skins, Including His Legendary Devil May Cry Skin

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New season is almost here, get ready to drop.

Apex Legends transitions into its third season on October 1, bringing with it a new battle pass, weapon, map, and a whole lot more. Among the massive changes is a brand-new Legend, Crypto–a recon character that can aid his allies with his drone.

In the following gallery, you can see all 40 of Crypto’s cosmetic skins, including his five epic and four legendary skins. Several of Crypto’s legendary skins are themed after his Asian heritage, with both the Masked Dancer and Rising Phoenix inspired by yokai. Just as one of Wattson’s legendary skins seems to be a reference to Metroid’s Samus, Crypto can dress as a character from another game series with one of his legendary skins. His Devil’s Advocate skin, which dresses Crypto in a red jacket and gives him silver hair, makes him look a lot like Dante from the Devil May Cry series.

We’ve had a chance to play as Crypto on Apex Legends’ new map: World’s Edge. He’s an interesting character as his passive and ultimate abilities are tied to his tactical, forcing you to use it in order to activate the other two. His tactical summons a drone, allowing Crypto to remotely tag enemies, open doors and loot crates, and pick up fallen teammates’ respawn beacons. Crypto’s passive ability allows his team to see marked targets as long as his drone is active and his ultimate releases an EMP blast from the drone that deals 50 shield damage (immediately knocking out all white and blue body armor), slows down all targets, and disables traps.

The Masked Dancer – Legendary


The Hired Gun – Legendary


Devil’s Advocate – Legendary


Rising Phoenix – Legendary


Hack the System – Epic


Daemon Hunter – Epic


User Friendly – Epic


Heat Sync – Epic


Fiver Optics – Epic


Bloodline – Rare


Blooms – Rare


Dark Web – Rare


Fresh Paint – Rare


Scribblers – Rare


High Frequency – Rare


Fishsticks – Rare


Lucky Charm – Rare


Molten Core – Rare


Mortal Coil – Rare


Self Organized – Rare


Sizzle Reel – Rare


Throwback – Rare


Tie Dye – Rare


Woodland Warfare – Rare


Original – Common


Midnight – Common


Cardinal – Common


Arctic – Common


Mandarin – Common


Orchid – Common


Flamingo – Common


Clearwater – Common


Vino – Common


Evergreen – Common


Limelight – Common


Yellowjacket – Common


Skyward – Common


Hydro – Common


Rage – Common


Sahara – Common


Source: Game Spot Mashup