All Switch Games Confirmed For E3 2021 (So Far)

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After E3’s forced cancellation back in 2020, the video game industry’s biggest event of the year is back and merely a week away. On June 12, E3 2021 is kicking off and in addition to hours of exciting showcases, we’re bound to get a whole lot of new titles for everyone’s favorite portable platform, the Nintendo Switch. While the Nintendo Direct presentation on June 15 is definitely the one to watch for an update on all your favorite first-party games from Nintendo, there are a handful of E3 events that are sure to be filled with Switch titles. The Guerilla Collective showcases, which take place on June 5 and 12, are two of them.

Over the course of the Guerilla Collective showcases, over 80 indie games will be featured–many of which are coming to Nintendo Switch. On June 5, titles such as Kung Fu Kickball, Endling, Beasts of Maravilla Island, and The Lightbringer will be making appearances. On June 12, you’ll get a closer look at Archvale, Black Book, Death Trash, Batora: Lost Haven, and more. In addition, the June 12 event will feature a Wholesome Direct, a Nintendo Direct-esque showcase of feel-good games, many of which are indies and may be coming to Nintendo Switch

On June 14, Capcom is hosting their own showcase, and while they’ve yet to announce just what games they’ll be presenting, the studio has a close relationship with Nintendo, making it likely they’ll have some Switch titles there. For instance, both Great Ace Attorney Chronicles and Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin are coming to Switch in 2021, making it highly probably we’ll see a bit more of them during the conference. A leak earlier this year alleged a new Resident Evil game is coming to Switch, though that’s still extremely up in the air. It is also possible we could see a new entry in the Mega Man series there, as a Mega Man film is currently in production, making the time ripe for Capcom to release a new game to help support it.

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