All The Xbox Games Confirmed For E3 2021

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E3 2021 is fast approaching, which means that game showcases, both as part of E3 and E3 adjacent, are going to be happening. Microsoft always has a big presence during E3, unlike Sony, which stopped attending in 2019 and will not be attending in 2021, and this year is no different. Xbox and Bethesda will be having a joint showcase on June 13, and while no games were confirmed to be present, the key art for the presentation teased both Halo Infinite and Starfield. There are a number of games coming to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One that are confirmed to be appearing at E3 2021 and you can check out the full list of titles below.

The Xbox and Bethesda showcase isn’t the only place where Xbox games can and will show up during E3. On June 5 and 12, the Guerrilla Collective will have two showcases, which will feature over 80 indie games across the two shows. Xbox is one of the sponsors of the event and regularly gets indie titles on the console and on Xbox Game Pass through its ID@Xbox program, so there will probably be some indie titles coming to Xbox during the presentations.

The June 12 Guerrilla Collective showcase will feature the Wholesome Direct, which features cozy and feel-good games. Moonglow Bay, a voxel fishing game, is set to be at the show and has already been confirmed to be coming to both Xbox and Xbox Game Pass later in 2021. Devolver Digital is set to have a showcase on June 12 and will be making an appearance at Summer Game Fest on June 10. Devolver is publishing Shadow Warrior 3, which is set to release in 2021 on Xbox.

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