American Horror Stories Gets First Trailer

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FX Networks has released the first full-length, official teaser for the highly anticipated Hulu debut of the American Horror Story spin-off–somewhat confusingly titled American Horror Stories. The anthology series will hit the streaming service starting July 15, with two episodes back-to-back.

This first teaser, titled “Rubber Woman” at first glance doesn’t seem particularly creepy based on name alone. But as you can see for yourself in the clip below, it’s full of imagery that’s unsettling, unnerving, and noticeably paying homage to the infamous red room from everyone’s favorite disturb-athon, Twin Peaks.

Of course, it’s hard to exactly discern what this clip above might mean for the show itself, but at least we won’t have long to wait to find out. (We do at least know that the show is expected to feature throwbacks to characters/creatures from previous episodes from the flagship series.) American Horror Stories promises “a different horror story each episode,” and given that since 2011 the creators of American Horror Story have “sprouted a legion of dedicated fans who anticipate what terrors the next chapter will hold,” they’ve certainly earned the license to keep us in suspense a little longer.

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