Animal Crossing: New Horizons Adds New Seasonal Items For A Limited Time

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ 1.10 update has arrived, and it’s added a couple of new limited-time seasonal items to the game. To celebrate the Japanese holiday Children’s Day, you can pick up a carp banner and newsprint helmet right now from Nook Shopping.

Both items will be available to purchase through May 5. The carp banner runs for 5,500 bells, while the newsprint helmet only costs 120. To order them, you’ll first need to access Nook Shopping either from your NookPhone or the Nook Stop terminal in your Resident Services building, then open the Special Goods catalog. The Children’s Day items will be listed in the Seasonal tab.

Carp banner and newsprint helmet
Carp banner and newsprint helmet

You also still have a few more days to pick up the prom seasonal items. Nook Shopping is selling a prom sash, wallpaper, and flooring through April 30. The Able Sisters’ shop also has a handful of prom-themed clothing items and accessories for sale until the end of the month.

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