ANTHEM will be online only, PvP won’t be available at launch – BioWare confirms

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After showing the 2018 Cinematic trailer for ANTHEM, we have a few more details thanks to Mark Darrah responding to some questions on Twitter.

ANTHEM will require an internet connection to play which means it is online only. A Twitter user asked Mark if the game would have an offline mode for those without the best internet connections and the response is below:

ANTHEM will have PvP but it won’t be available at launch. This information is also from Mark who responded to another Twitter user:

Watch the cinematic trailer below:

When the original Titanfall was online only, there were many fans disappointed with that decision and when Titanfall 2 was showcased, an “offline campaign” was a highlight. It remains to be seen how ANTHEM will be. Hopefully we get a proper look at the new gameplay soon.

ANTHEM is out February 22, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: God is Geek