Apex Legends Black Friday Sale Discounts Apex Packs And Brings Back Wattson's Best Skin

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Apex Legends Black Friday sale is live now and lasts for one week, offering the opportunity to purchase some rare skins and Apex Packs at a discount. The sale includes six different skins, as well as the opportunity to buy Apex Packs in bulk for a discounted price.

Announced on the Apex Legends Twitter account, the sale includes items that have previously only been available for a limited time, like the Dinomite Wattson skin and the Laughing Fool Octane skin. Some of the skins available during this sale have only been available in the store for a limited time in the past.

There is also a 2021 Legends Bundle which includes the unlocks, skins, and emotes for Fuse, Valkyrie, and Seer. The 2021 Legends Bundle appears at a discounted price if you have already unlocked the individual legends.

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