Apex Legends: How To Get Lifeline's Halloween Event Heirloom

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Apex Legends‘ Lifeline is the third character to receive an heirloom, a special item that gives them a unique melee animation. According to dataminers, the heirloom is a pair of taser drumsticks–which does fit Lifeline very well–but Respawn has not officially revealed what the heirloom looks like. The developer has, however, revealed how you can earn the legendary item.

In comparison to the first two heirlooms, Lifeline’s is probably the easiest to acquire. It’s still expensive though. Like previous heirlooms, you can just randomly get it from Apex Packs. However, during Apex Legends’ upcoming limited-time Halloween-themed event, Fight or Fright, you can earn the heirloom for free if you unlock all 24 event items–12 of which are epic and 12 of which are legendary.

There are three ways to unlock these items. The fastest is through direct purchase, but you can also craft each item or acquire them in the Fight or Fright’s limited-time event Apex Packs. The direct purchase route is going to cost you, as will the crafting route if you haven’t been hoarding the Crafting Metals you’ve earned from Apex Packs. We suggest using those routes if you only want a few, specific items from the event. If you’re going for the heirloom, the less expensive path is through the event Apex Packs (as you’re guaranteed one event item in each one with no duplicates), but that will still set you back 16,800 Apex Coins–about $160 USD.

The breakdown of how much each item costs is listed below.

Direct Purchase

  • Legendaries – 1,800 Apex Coins
  • Epics – 1,000 Apex Coins


  • Legendaries – 2,400 Crafting Metals
  • Epics – 800 Crafting Metals

Event Apex Packs

  • 700 Apex Coins

As expensive as the Lifeline heirloom is, it’s actually cheaper than Bloodhound’s heirloom (which cost 18,900 Apex Coins during the Iron Crown event; about $180 USD) and costs significantly less than Wraith’s heirloom (which never had an event associated to it and has always cost about $500 USD). Once Fight or Fright is over, Lifeline’s heirloom will be added to the pool of normal Apex Packs, making the legendary item as rare as Wraith’s.

This is not our way of saying, “Go out and buy Apex Packs.” $160 is very expensive for a cosmetic item. We’re just providing context. If you desperately want the Lifeline heirloom then, like the Bloodhound heirloom before it, it is more cost-effective to purchase the item during its corresponding event. Once Fight or Fright is over, you’ll need to drop about half a grand or be very lucky.

Fight or Fright begins October 15 and continues through to November 5. From October 25-28, you’ll earn double experience for placing in the top five or winning, making it easier to rank up in the battle pass to earn additional Apex Coins and Crafting Metals–both of which will help alleviate the overall cost of Lifeline’s heirloom.

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