Apex Legends' Kings Canyon And World's Edge Maps Are Now Both Playable

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Apex Legends‘ first ranked series split is now live, resetting every player’s rank. The ranked series split also now makes it possible to play on either of Apex Legends’ maps for the rest of Season 4: Assimilation, as Kings Canyon has returned once again.

The ranked series was first introduced into Apex Legends during Season 2: Battle Charge, adding a competitive Ranked playlist to the battle royale. In both Season 2 and Season 3, each ranked series lasted for a full season–rewarding players with in-game cosmetic items based on their final rank and then resetting that rank at the start of the following season.

Season 4: Assimilation changes things up by introducing a ranked series split, causing players to get the rank reset halfway through the season. The split also changes which map that Ranked mode is played on. The first half of Season 4 saw you play Ranked on a reworked World’s Edge. The latter half sees the return of Season 2’s Kings Canyon.

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