Apex Legends Players Are Jealous Of The Mobile Version's Detailed Weapon Stats

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Apex Legends Mobile is currently being tested in Mexico, Columbia, and Peru, and new images from the mobile version of Respawn’s free-to-play battle royale are making console and PC players envious.

Included in Apex Legends Mobile are detailed stat breakdowns for each of the game’s weapons. The stats page for each weapon includes information on recoil, rate of fire, reload speeds, damage distribution models, effective range, and more. It’s a lot of great information to have at one’s fingertips, which is exactly why Apex Legends players on console and PC on the game’s subreddit are wishing a similar feature would come to the core version of the game.

It’s currently unclear if weapons in the mobile game are balanced identically to that of its console and PC counterpart, but regardless, having more in-game information about how Apex Legends’ weapons perform wouldn’t be a bad thing.

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