Arrow Spinoff Is In Development

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DC’s modern TV universe kicked off with Arrow back in 2012, and while that series is coming to a close with its eighth season, another show is spinning out of the world of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), centering around Queen’s grown-up daughter, Mia Smoak.

The series will be introduced as a backdoor pilot during the final season of Arrow, according to Entertainment Weekly. It will star Katherine McNamara, returning as Smoak, who takes on the role of Green Arrow, along with Katie Cassidy Rodgers as Laurel Lance and Juliana Harkavy as Dinah Drake, better known as The Canaries.

While it’s unknown exactly where in the Arrow-vewrse timeline this series will be set, Mia was first introduced in a series of flashforwards in Season 7, where she fought under the alias of Blackstar. Chances are the new series will be set at that point in the timeline, with Ridgers and Harkavy playing older versions of their characters. However, with the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover coming this December, it’s safe to say that things in the DC TV Universe are going to be shaken up and anything is possible–including time travel, which already happens regularly on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash..

For the backdoor pilot, Arrow showrunner and executive producer Beth Schwartz will co-write alongside Marc Guggenheim, Jill Blankenship, and Oscar Balderrama. All of them will serve as executive producers of the potential new series, along with Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schecter.

Arrow returns to The CW on October 15, and the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover kicks off on December 8 with Supergirl, continuing with Batwoman on December 9, The Flash on December 10, then concluding with Arrows and Legends of Tomorrow on January 14.

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