Avengers Campus Gets 2 Exclusive Funko Pops

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Make no mistake about it, there continues to be no more desirable collectible than Funko’s line of Pop vinyl figures. The company makes them for everything, from Pokemon to beloved Star Wars character Baby Yoda (or The Child, if you want to be technical).

Now there will be two more for your collection, but you’re going to have to travel to get your hands on them. When Avengers Campus launches at Disney California Adventure this summer, the new Disneyland Resort expansion will feature a pair of new Funko Pop figures for sale–Iron Man and Spider-Man.

While, yes there are numerous Iron Man and Spider-Man Pops already, these are special. These particular figures feature the theme park exclusive costumes for both heroes. Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Imagineering have worked together to design new versions of both heroes’ costumes. Those costumes will be worn by in-park characters for meet-and-greet purposes and also figure into some of the merchandise available, like these Pops.

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