Avengers Campus: Spider-Man Ride Details Revealed, Here’s How It Works

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When Avengers Campus opens at Disney California Adventure this summer, the centerpiece of the new land will be WEB Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure. The ride will give guests their own web-slinging powers as they team with Spider-Man to take on an army of spider-bots on the loose.

The premise is simple enough. It’s an open house at the Worldwide Engineering Brigade (WEB for short). “At WEB, young inventors like Peter Parker have been brought together by Tony Stark to help create technologies that allow everyday people like us to have powers just like the Avengers,” Walt Disney Imagineering creative executive director Brent Strong said during a media preview of Avengers Campus. “When we get inside, we find out that they’re not quite as well funded as Stark Enterprises. They’re not quite as militaristic as SHIELD. In fact, they’re not all that organized at all. These are some kids that have some amazing power, right? Vibranium from Wakanda, Pym Particles from Ant-Man. They have arc reactors from Tony Stark. In fact, they probably have a little bit more power than they have responsibility.”

To get those powers, typically a guest would have to use some form of tool. For instance, in the Tory Story Midway Mania attraction–which is somewhat similar to WEB Slingers–you are armed with a blaster that is triggered by pulling a cord. Superpowers don’t tend to come from blasters, though. To Walt Disney Imagineering had to figure out a way to give guests the ability to sling webs without accessories.

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