Avengers Directors Want Infinity War And Endgame To Return To Theatres

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When movie theatres do eventually re-open, it’s expected that cinemas may bring back blockbusters to encourage people to return. Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame are two of the biggest movies of the past five years, and their directors would welcome the idea of these films returning to cinemas.

Joe Russo told CinemaBlend that it was a career highlight for himself and his brother the way that people flocked to cinemas to see the final two Avengers films and enjoy them communally with friends and family. They would be “ecstatic” for Infinity War and Endgame to return to cinemas to try to spark the movie business once more to help the theatre business get back on track after the COVID-19 crisis.

“For us, that’s really the strength of the theatrical experience is that it combines audiences, and it combines you globally. To have been a part of movies that did that, on that scale with that level of emotional connection from the audience, was really very touching, and will be the highlight of our careers,” Joe Russo said. “So, using those films to get people back into the theaters? We would be ecstatic. I mean, any opportunity for people to go back and share in those stories together is one that we would support.”

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