Back 4 Blood Guide: Best Decks For Every Weapon

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Back 4 Blood takes Left 4 Dead’s mechanics and piles a tower of cards on top with its deck system. Before starting any level, you can build a deck made of character-boosting cards that can change the game in small or enormous ways. Some cards are clearly meant to go together, while others are just great on their own.

However, other cards are blatantly geared towards certain weapon builds. Whether you’re a sniper aficionado or enjoy a good ol’ assault rifle, Back 4 Blood has ways to make specific weapons stronger, more versatile, and in some cases just blatantly overpowered. We’ve put together some simple builds that you can use to quickly take their undead-killing instrument of choice to the next level.

Anyone that’s just getting started in the game can check out our list of essential Back 4 Blood starting tips. Back 4 Blood is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and via Xbox Game Pass.

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