Back 4 Blood Guide: How To Beat The Final Boss

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After working through Back 4 Blood‘s three multi-part acts, players are met with a grand finale, a multi-stage boss that jolts the game’s difficulty up to 11. It comes complete with massive tentacles, area-denying acid, and waves of zombies to boot. Tackling this boss isn’t an easy task, but one that can be simplified with careful placement and the right cards.

And just so we’re all clear, there are some major spoilers ahead, so don’t read on unless you’re ready to beat down Back 4 Blood’s final boss. Anyone just getting started with the game can check out our list of five essential Back 4 Blood tips. Back 4 Blood is currently available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, PC, and via Xbox Game Pass.

Pick the right cards before going in

Before even starting this boss fight, make a custom deck built just for it. Not a single card here goes to waste since you’re given every single one at the start of the level. Load yourself up with cards that tack on extra weakspot damage, weapon damage, and reduce the damage done to themselves. For good measure, some cards that increase ammo capacity aren’t a bad idea either, since the only thing this boss eats more than people is bullets.

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