Batman: Arkham City – Looking Back At The Superhero Game That Changed Everything

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Batman: Arkham City is now 10 years old, and looking back at the last decade of interactive entertainment, the history books show a game that built on its own substructure and gave fans a far more polished and confident dive into Bruce Wayne’s world. While Batman: Arkham Asylum’s arrival began a new era of superhero games, Arkham City is arguably the genre’s foundation: a stunning exploration of the title character in a sandbox filled with Easter eggs and supervillains that became the go-to inspiration for games that followed in its wake.

Developer Rocksteady Studios had already set a high benchmark for itself with 2009’s Arkham Asylum, an addictive cocktail of stealth, action, and detective work within the claustrophobic jail that housed Batman’s rogues gallery, but Arkham City amplified everything memorable about that game and expanded on its story. With Arkham Asylum all but destroyed in the Joker’s rampage, a large portion of Gotham City had been turned into a makeshift prison that even Snake Plissken would have trouble escaping from, filled to the brim with dangerous inmates, and used as a dumping ground for any opposition to Gotham’s new political regime.

Spoilers for a game that’s now a decade old below

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