Battle.Net 2.0 Update Delivers Biggest Upgrade In Years

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Blizzard is launching a major update for, representing the biggest front-facing upgrade to the PC platform in years, according to the developer.

The upgrades, which have been available to beta testers for some time already, include things like an improved layout and navigation tools. Specifically, you can now “favorite” games and select how you want them to appear in your library. 2.0 looks a lot cleaner 2.0 looks a lot cleaner

The 2.0 update also includes a “much more expansive layout” to help you catch up with news about your games more easily. The social plane has also been updated for greater visibility, while there are a number of accessibility improvements so you can quickly access many things on with just the keyboard. The color contrast has been improved as well, as screen support has been updated, Blizzard said.

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