Battlefield 2042 Beta Stats Reveal Most Popular Weapons, Gadgets, And More

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DICE has shared some statistics about the Battlefield 2042 open beta that speak to how players spent their time in the recent multiplayer test. The developer didn’t reveal how many people took part in the test, but it shared a range of statistics about the most popular weapons, equipment, vehicles, and more.

Players collectively fired more than 17 billion bullets and called in more than 10.8 million murder robot dogs, AKA Rangers. The M5A3 was the most popular weapon based on bullets fired, while the grappling hook was the most-used piece of equipment.

Players took 5.8 million elevator rides and completed 10.5 million kilometers of parachute jumps. The tornado appeared 94,698 times, while the rocket launch sequence was seen through to launch more than 380,000 times (it failed more than 58,000 times). You can check out even more stats from the beta in the image below.

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Source: Game Spot Mashup