Battlefield 2042 Progression, XP, And Cosmetic Microtransaction Plans Revealed

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The Battlefield 2042 open beta is coming up very soon, and it’ll give players a first taste at, among other things, how progression works in the sci-fi shooter. DICE is making some changes to the progression system with the new game, and the studio outlined all the key details in a blog post. We’re rounding up the key details here.

XP And Level Cap

Players progress by earning XP, and similar to past games, DICE will reward players with more XP if they play the objective and work as a team for the duration of a match. Players will also get XP for getting kills, assists, and offering support to teammates.

Ribbons are back, too, and they are another way to earn XP in Battlefield 2042. Ribbons can be earned by completing certain objectives, and each has up to three tiers.

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