Battlefield 5 Gets An Important Update

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EA’s first-person shooter Battlefield 5 has received a quick update that cuts the number of tanks on the field in half, reducing the initial tank spawn rate on Breakthrough’s first Sector to two instead of four.

DICE’s global community manager Adam Freeman announced on Twitter that the change affects the first Sector on Solomon Islands, a new Breakthrough map part of the game’s Chapter 6: Into The Jungle update. According to Freeman, DICE has noticed that Defenders on Breakthrough have been getting crushed due to the tank onslaught. The reduction should give players on that side some breathing room.

Freeman doubled down on the decision in a follow-up tweet, ensuring that the reduction will create a “balanced number of Tanks on the Battlefield for the Second Sector.” He said DICE will monitor the change on Breakthrough over the weekend and implement more adjustments should they become necessary.

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