Battlefield 6 Images Apparently Leak, Show Massive Storms And Rocket Ship

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We’ve previously heard reports that the next Battlefield game–which may or may not be called Battlefield 6–will be returning to modern-day combat, and allegedly leaked screenshots appear to confirm this. Not only that, but it looks like the weather will play a big role in the game’s environmental destruction.

Images apparently taken from the game by Twitter user Tom Henderson (via VGC), which we’ve also seen as a very short video, show an enormous beachside city with a storm approaching from the ocean. You can see them with the links above, should you not mind the surprise being spoiled.

Several air vehicles that appear to be troop-transport helicopters are coming from the other side, and one side of the map is covered in grass and trees on top of a cliff. The other side features a few tall buildings, which will almost certainly be destructible for some of the series’ signature “Only in Battlefield” moments.

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