Battlefield 6 Screenshots Apparently Leak, Show Off Gameplay

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EA and DICE will formally announce the new Battlefield game on June 9, but ahead of that, what appears to be some screenshots from the military shooter have emerged.

The images were posted to Imgur. They show off what may be the first look at gameplay, and perhaps most notably, the images seem to suggest that the game is set in the modern day or near future, as had been rumored. One of the images contains a disclaimer about pre-alpha footage, so even if these images are real, they may not be representative of the final product. One particularly dramatic image shows what looks like a sandstorm overtaking a city; another screen shows a player in a tank moving through a city at night.

The Battlefield series hasn’t featured modern-day combat since 2015’s Battlefield Hardline, as Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V took place during World War I and WWII respectively.

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Source: Game Spot Mashup