Before Your Eyes Is An Afterlife Adventure That You Control By Blinking

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Before Your Eyes is a new game from developer GoodByeWorld that plays as an interactive afterlife that you control with every blink of your ocular organs. As someone who is adjusting to their new status of being recently deceased, your boat trip to the great beyond takes a slight detour when the ferryman offers to help you relive pivotal moments of your life, starting from the beginning and progressing until your inevitable demise.

You’ll be able to experience your infancy, childhood, and other milestone moments in a series of vignettes that contain contextual cues which you can interact with using your eyes, but these will all be over the second you close your eyelids. It’s literal blink-and-you’ll-miss-it gameplay that uses your webcam to track your eye movements which you can see more of below in the game’s official trailer.

While you visit these memories you’ll be able to explore and affect the outcomes of these stories, but the game is well aware that no player can keep their eyes open indefinitely. Before Your Eyes is scheduled to release on April 8 and will be available on PC via Steam.

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