Ben Affleck Calls Marvel Boss Kevin Feige "The Greatest Producer"

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Ben Affleck, who these days seems to be equally well known for once playing Batman and a man unable to hold his Dunkin’ Donuts, wants it to be known that he has nothing but the most enthusiastic praise for Marvel Boss Kevin Feige. Speaking on The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast, the actor who formerly played Batman in Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, and Justice League commended Feige for his ongoing understanding of what audiences want and consistently delivering it.

“F****** Kevin Feige is absolutely; you have to say, the greatest producer, most successful producer who ever lived,” Affleck said in the interview, which was transcribed by IGN. “That f***** knows his audience like no producer ever; he’s a genius. Kevin is like a ringmaster at the circus; he knows exactly how much to wink at the audience, exactly when to pull at the heartstrings, exactly when to do the effects, how many jokes, what the sensibility, what the tone is.”

The timing of Affleck’s comment is a nice lift on the debut day of Disney+’s weird, wonderful, and also first MCU show, WandaVision. The Marvel show’s commitment to the premise of revisiting classic sitcom settings is endearing and bizarre–and doubles down on everything Affleck says. However, one quirk of his praise is how, noticeably, Affleck doesn’t have any current projects–that we know of–in the MCU pipeline.

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