Best Battlefield Games, Ranked: Looking Back On The Series Ahead Of Battlefield 2042

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The Battlefield series has always stood out from its competition because of its enormous battles, whether they be in war-torn Europe during World War 2 or in a crumbling metropolis in the modern day. But despite the games’ shared elements, they aren’t all created equal. In fact, the quality gap between the very best Battlefield game and the worst is surprisingly large–especially when considering how only a handful of years separated the two. With Battlefield 2042 releasing on November 19, we’ve ranked the mainline Battlefield games from worst to best.

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11. Battlefield V

Battlefield V
Battlefield V

After years away from the deadliest war in human history–World War 2–DICE finally returned to it with Battlefield V, a game that followed the excellent Battlefield 1 and attempted to capture its best qualities via the returning War Stories single-player mode. The problem was that it just wasn’t as interesting, despite intentionally focusing on lesser-known regiments and combatants during the war. Map design in multiplayer and the lack of many memorable weapons and gear from World War 2 didn’t help matters, and the time-to-kill often felt so painfully short that you barely had time to make any tactical decisions before you got destroyed by a tank.

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