Best Gaming Headsets In 2020: PS4, Xbox One, PC, And Switch

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There are all kinds of gaming headsets right now, which makes finding the best gaming headset to keep you comfortable while gaming can be tough. Each pair of headphones boasts all kinds of key features, but which ones actually matter. Are there downsides to buying wireless? How universal is compatibility among headsets? How important are sound quality and surround sound audio? Can I tell from images whether a headset will be a comfortable fit? Should I get memory foam or something with fabric? What are planar magnetic drivers, and should I care? Are LED lights cool?

The most important thing to keep in mind when looking for the best gaming headset isn’t necessarily high-end audio latency–that is, the delay between the action happening on screen and the time it takes for the audio associated with that action to reach your ears. Naturally, when playing video games, especially action games that require quick reactions, you want the lowest possible latency. Depending on what your situation, you might also be looking for a good microphone to go along with good audio and low latency.

Bluetooth wireless headphones are generally good enough but will, in most cases, usually suffer from some latency, but unless you’re looking for a truly professional gaming headset, that might not matter. Wireless gaming headsets, like the ones we’ve featured, will usually have their own proprietary dongle that uses a short-range wireless signal, which minimises the latency greatly. If you’re a massive stickler for best absolute best possible audio quality and latency however, you might want to stick to a purely wired solution.

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