Best Marvel Games To Play In 2021

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From bankruptcy in the mid-1990s to global brand powerhouse, Marvel’s journey to the top of the intellectual property food chain has been a saga for the ages. Thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s dominance of pop culture, the house of ideas’ greatest heroes are once again household names, as well as the perfect material for video game adaptations. Marvel’s return to video game superstardom hasn’t been entirely smooth, but these have been road bumps on an otherwise exciting journey into mystery.

With several games such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Wolverine, and Midnight Suns on the horizon, here’s a look at the best Marvel games that you can play right now, listed in no particular order.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR

Marvel's Iron Man VR
Marvel’s Iron Man VR

This might come as a shock, but if you don’t have a few billion dollars in your bank account, a genius mind, and a company that regularly produces technology on the bleeding edge of science, then it’s highly likely that you’ll never be Iron Man. The good news is that there is a cheaper, safer, and more digital alternative in the form of Iron Man VR on PlayStation VR. Giving you full access to the playboy philanthropist billionaire’s signature power-suit, Iron Man VR is a brilliant slice of high-flying and repulsor-blasting action from a first-person viewpoint.

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