Best New Games In 2020 By Score

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There’s no denying that 2020 has been a wild year, not just because of the fantastic games on display, but because of how COVID has shaken and, at times, stopped the world. But putting all that aside, there really have been some amazing games to play across all the major platforms. Which has made coping with the unexpected changes this year somewhat more bearable.

Like previous years, we’ve been highlighting some of the best games this year. Our top 10 picks make up our Best Game of 2020 nominees list, but there were plenty of other excellent gems that we liked. If you’re keen to find out which games GameSpot reviewed highest this year, then we’ve got a whole list here to point you towards all the games we’ve scored 8 or higher.

For more of the year’s best, be sure to check out our Best Games of 2020, but if you’re more of a forward-thinking individual, jump into our hub for the Most Anticipated Games of 2021, which contains features highlighting the biggest games coming out next year.

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