Best Pokemon Games, Ranked From Worst To Best

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Pokemon almost immediately took the world by storm. The multimedia juggernaut has become known for a wealth of anime cartoons, blockbuster movies, toys, a trading card game, clothing, collectibles, and of course, video games. That’s not bad for a humble little Japanese RPG about catching wild creatures. The core of Pokemon has always been the main RPG series, which has attracted a passionate fanbase and even spawned a vibrant tournament scene. Those RPGs have each added new elements and features to the long-running franchise, but some were certainly more influential than others. We took a hard look at every mainline Pokemon game and determined which ones are just a cut above. Here are all of the best Pokemon games, ranked from not very effective to super effective.

10. Pokemon Black and White 2

Pokemon Black and White 2
Pokemon Black and White 2

All of the Pokemon games loosely take place within a shared universe, but Black and White 2 is the series’ only actual, canonical sequel. Set two years after Pokemon Black and White, these sequels revolve around the reemergence of Team Plasma. Though it took place in the same region, it featured new towns and areas that hadn’t been accessible in the first game, and a handful of new mechanics. Those included a Pokemon World Tournament that featured famous trainers from the series’ history and a new PokeStar Studio side-game. But while it was an enjoyable follow-up to an already solid Pokemon game, it was a little less novel and didn’t represent the usual degree of change that we see in a whole new Pokemon generation.

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