Billy Crystal Confirms Monsters Inc. TV Show Monsters At Work Is Still In The Pipeline

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In an interview with Collider, Monsters Inc. star Billy Crystal confirmed several details about the previously announced Monsters at Work TV show coming to Disney+, including that it is still happening.

Crystal confirmed that Monsters at Work will be an episodic show, and will have him and John Goodman reprising their roles as Mike and Sully. He also gave a more solid indication of when the show will be set within the Monster’s Inc. timeline.

“It’s a series. John Goodman and I are Sully and Mike. The show, time-wise, starts six months after ‘Monsters, Inc.’ ended,” Crystal told Collider. “So now, we’re on the Laugh Floor. We’ve created all of the new, young, great characters with some great voice actors, and John and I are reprising our parts.”

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