Bleeding Edge Dev Details Update Plans

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Developer Ninja Theory has announced that it is hard at work on some new fixes and features for its third-person multiplayer melee combat game Bleeding Edge.

The team shared a Bleeding Edge update saying that while it can’t say anything specific at the moment, it is “prioritizing fixes, optimizations, and improvements to the current Bleeding Edge experience before moving onto upcoming content additions.” These tweaks are related to issues known to the community, and Ninja Theory is “currently working on getting these ready for an upcoming patch.” Once this patch arrives, the studio said it will move on to adding new content and features to the game.

The only confirmed additions right now are the brand-new fighter Mekko, a dolphin piloting a crab-walking mech who serves as a ranged tank in-game, and the map Landslide. Landslide is available to play now, while Ninja Theory is “work[ing] hard on getting our newest fighter Mekko added to the roster so that the entire community can enjoy his unique brand of combat.” There’s currently no word on when Mekko will arrive, though he was initially planned to join the game’s roster “in the launch window of Bleeding Edge.”

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