Borderlands 3 Brings Back One Of The Most Notable Side Quests From BL2

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Borderlands 3 contains plenty of Easter eggs, some of which even extend to references to the game’s predecessors. One such example is a callback to a fairly notable side mission in Borderlands 2, where the main antagonist Handsome Jack offers you money to leap off a cliff. It’s a relatively simple quest to do–especially since you’ll just be immediately revived afterward–but you’ll have to live with the shame that you’ll do anything for money. In Borderlands 3, main antagonist Tyreen offers you a similar deal and for an even more tempting reward.

You can find the quest on Eden-6, and you’ll most likely run into it while hunting down Clay’s former team members during a story mission. You’ll hear about the quest way before you see it, as Tyreen will call you when you’re in the vicinity and offer to give you a reward if you let her kill you on stream. From there, she’ll direct you toward a very loud, violent-looking machine and present you with a choice: throw away your pride and step into a massive crusher or shoot out the cameras and walk away with your self-respect intact.

I agreed to Tyreen’s terms so you don’t have to give her the satisfaction. That said, you may still want to do it as you get a pretty good gun for doing what Tyreen tells you, and the weapon has a fairly funny effect too. For submitting to Tyreen’s demands, you get nearly a full minute of her teasing you for your insatiable hunger for more loot as well as a legendary Maliwan pistol called the Hazardous Sellout. You can see the gun in action in the video embedded above.

As a Maliwan gun, the Hazardous Sellout switches between two elemental ammo types–in this case incendiary and corrosive. Ironically, Tyreen gifts you with one of the best guns in the game for burning through the defenses used by the most powerful bandits within her group of followers, as all Children of Vault are weak to fire and some carry turrets that erode with poison. But that’s not all the Hazardous Sellout does.

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The gun talks. Tyreen, the self-proclaimed God-Queen, will continue to speak with you through the gun for as long as you’re holding it. Most of what she says is an insult, like calling you a sellout (or much worse) and teasingly referring to you as one of her followers who will do anything she asks. However, she’ll also aid your opposition, calling out to enemies you might be trying to sneak past or informing her followers when they should push forward because you’re reloading.

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