Brand new strategy game, Mini Guns announced – Don't shoot me tiny shooter

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Riposte Games & Co has announced a brand new strategy game called Mini Guns set in a vibrant cartoonish world.

Players can deploy into two factions – the freedom fighters known as “The Republic”, or the powerful corporation “The Dominion.” Playing builds up Action Points that can be used to unleash your Minis on to the battlefield to deploy sonic tanks, warplanes, and drones.

There are over a hundred miniature army men and women to collect and upgrade, split into three categories: infantry, vehicles and air units each with their own unique benefits.

You can play on your own or team up with your friends by creating an “Alliance” to destroy the enemy base in cooperative multiplayer.

Matheiu Rouleau, Chief Creative Officer and Riposte Games and Co had this to say: “Mini Guns is an incredibly addictive and challenging game that I know will charm all types of players. Whether you have 5 minutes or 5 hours, Mini Guns is immediately captivating.” He continued:  “With Mini Guns, we’ve managed to strike a really remarkable balance between accessible gameplay and tactical depth for a truly absorbing experience.”

Mini Guns has already received a soft launch in Canada, Philippines, Singapore and Brazil and will be launching worldwide soon on mobile, web and PC.

Source: God is Geek