Bravely Default 2 Demo Available On Nintendo Switch Eshop

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Nintendo snuck up on us with a surprise Nintendo Direct Mini presentation, and despite the name it was chock full of new game announcements and even some game releases. One sweet treat for RPG fans is the release of a demo for Bravely Default 2, the latest in the retro series coming to Nintendo Switch later this year.

The demo features a band of four heroes on the continent of Excillant. A tweet from Nintendo suggests that Square Enix is looking to collect feedback from this demo to incorporate into the finished game, so surveys will go out to those who download it. Unlike many other recent demos from Square Enix, this one doesn’t mention whether your game progress will transfer to the full game.

Bravely Default is the latest from Team Asano, which created Bravely Default and Bravely Second before going a different direction with Octopath Traveler. The small team has become known for interesting retro experiments, and this third game in the Bravely series will probably continue that tradition.

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