Bungie Is Reworking Destiny 2 Rewards And Making The Dreaming City And Moon Worth Visiting

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With the release of the Beyond Light expansion, Bungie removed several of Destiny 2‘s destinations. One of the major issues the game has faced since then, however, is that some of its remaining destinations aren’t really worth visiting thanks to changes to its weapons system. Luckily, the next season of Destiny 2 will see that changed, with Bungie reworking its loot system to make the Dreaming City and the Moon into places you’re going to want to go to shoot aliens.

Bungie ran down a bunch of changes to its loot system in its This Week at Bungie blog, detailing the changes it’ll make to two of its destinations, and the high-level activities you can complete there. As it stands right now, weapons and armor earned from the Dreaming City and the Moon have caps placed on their Power levels, the numbers that determine how strong those pieces of gear can be (and, when averaged with the rest of your gear, how strong your character is overall). Not too long ago, Bungie instituted a time-based system to cap the Power levels of weapons and armor, so that it can slowly phase out old gear in favor of new stuff. Since the loot from the Dreaming City is from the Forsaken expansion and the Moon loot is from the Shadowkeep expansion, it’s all old enough that it has reached its cap, thus making it effectively obsolete.

In its next content season, Bungie is tweaking rewards from those locations to make them viable again. Armor sets from the Dreaming City and the Moon are getting reissued, along with four guns from both locations. One of those guns at each location will only be accessible through dungeons, the Pit of Heresy and the Shattered Throne. Here’s the rundown of loot changes:

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