Bungie Was Planning Savathun's Deception For A Long Time

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Savathun’s presence in Destiny 2 was first felt during Season of the Arrivals when she tried to interfere with Guardians interacting with the Black Fleet. However, Guardians would end up walking by her side unknowingly for months after. On the PlayStation Blog, Bungie editorial lead Brian Ekberg talked about the narrative team that developed Savathun’s story and seeds she had planted to disassemble the Vanguard in the past few months. Interestingly, information from the blog post mirrors what Savathun said in the cutscene after her reveal in Season of the Lost about her deceptions, which she tried to mask as friendly gestures. After all, Bungie’s narrative team is the mastermind behind Savathun’s deceptiveness.

Players saw Savathun as Osiris for the first time in Season of the Hunt, but the blog clarifies that the players heard Savathun speak as Osiris in Zavala’s office at the start of the season. Ekberg says, “The line where Osiris declared that his Ghost, Sagira, had died in an attack–that was not Osiris at all, but rather Savathun taking the Warlock’s place for the very first time, beckoning players to the Moon.” Knowing that it was Savathun talking instead, the mystery behind Sagira’s death and the location of her shell become more suspicious. Also, in Savathun’s cutscene, she mentions that she brought the Crow to the City to be redeemed, but Ekberg explained that Savathun planned the entire interaction where players first meet Crow when he kills the Hive Knight to save Osiris.

In Season of the Chosen, Cabal Empress Caiatl met with Zavala to create an alliance to defeat Xivu Arath and Savathun, but Osiris raised doubts against Caiatl in the opening cutscene. Julia Nardin, senior narrative lead at Bungie, said that Savathun couldn’t let the alliance between Caiatl and the Last City solidify. “But she did so in a way that prevented Caiatl from launching a full-scale assault on her hiding place, and when it came time to de-escalate the conflict she helped to create, she made sure that her solution kept all the players on her chessboard,” she said. In Savathun’s cutscene, Savathun says that she saved Zavala from Caiatl’s motives and prevented a war between them, excluding the fact that she was able to prevent an alliance.

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