Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War May 27 Patch Notes Adds Rambo's Gun Game

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Another week brings more modes and playlist changes to Black Ops Cold War, as we continue Call of Duty’s ’80s Action Hero event. Today’s May 27 patch notes include a playlist refresher, the introduction of Rambo’s Gun Game, a double XP event, and a free access weekend.

New Playlists

Today’s update adds a Rambo twist to the Gun Game party mode. Explosive weapons like the Combat Bow, Death Machine, War Machine, and the RPG-7 are now part of the weapon cycle. Thankfully, everyone gets a Stimshot to increase their odds of survival against such powerful weapons. As usual, dying by melee in Gun Game drops you back one stage in the weapon rotation, and the match ends once the first player gets a ranged kill with the ballistic knife.

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