Call Of Duty Mobile Season 9 Is Live; Patch Notes Detail Halloween Event And Weapon Balancing

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Call of Duty Mobile‘s Season 9: Nightmare is now live with a Halloween-themed event, the new burst-fire Swordfish assault rifle, spooky modes, a new battle pass, and more. The patch notes for the update include some weapon balancing for both multiplayer and battle royale.

Trick-or-Treat Event

Trick-o-Treating at a friend's house
Trick-o-Treating at a friend’s house

The Season 9 Nightmare update brings a Trick-or-Treat event, which lets players visit their friends for candy by virtually “knocking” on their door for Trick-or-Treating. This is basically an event tab with a player’s friends list, and it lets them click on each friend to “visit” them. The friend will randomly award them with candies as a treat, or they’ll get a challenge task as a trick. Earning candy grants event XP, which progresses players through event tiers for rewards like Halloween-themed weapon blueprints. And players shouldn’t worry if they don’t have a lot of friends on their Call of Duty Mobile account, the game will generate some NPC players to fill their list for the event.

New Multiplayer Maps And Modes

Players can now enjoy a Halloween-themed variant of Standoff, which gives this popular map a nighttime setting with Halloween decorations. Also, Modern Warfare 2019’s Hovec Sawmill map makes its Call of Duty Mobile debut, but the mobile version is set at night for the holiday.

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