Call Of Duty: Warzone Update Introducing 200-Player Mode

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Call of Duty: Warzone is about to get a lot bigger. The official Call of Duty Twitter account teased an increase to 200 players, a major increase from its current 150 player maximum, as part of the “Season Four Reloaded” update.

The update will be available at 11 PM PT on June 29. The new limited-time 200-player battle royale was detailed in a new season roadmap. The update will be 22GB-30GB for Warzone standalone players, and 22-36GB for Modern Warfare players. Once the update is installed, it will “minimally increase” the total footprint of Modern Warfare, and slightly decrease the total footprint of standalone Warzone.

200-Player Quads

The update adds 200-player Quads in the Warzone battle royale, which means 50 teams of four battling for survival. It’s a limited-time mode, but no announcement has been made regarding when we should expect it to end.

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