Call Of Duty: Warzone — Zombies Are Now Headed To The Superstore

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Call of Duty: Warzone still has a zombies problem, and it’s getting worse. Activision continues to tease some kind of zombies event for the battle royale game, again through swag that it’s sending to media and influencers.

CharlieIntel has received a care package that seems to suggest that zombies are now taking over the Superstore location on the Verdansk map. “Clean up on aisle four. Bring more than a mop,” reads a line from the teaser. “The place for killer deals. Their latest customers shop long after they drop.”

Activision has been teasing the zombies event for Warzone through swag. Before this, the publisher sent hospital scrubs to reference how the undead were taking over the hospital in Verdansk. Before that, the publisher sent jumpsuits to signal zombie infection spreading to the prison on the map.

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