Call Of Duty's New Anti-Cheat Reportedly Leaks, Potentially Undermining It Already

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Activision is taking a hard line against cheaters in its Call of Duty games, and is rolling out a new anti-cheat software called Ricochet later this year with Vanguard and Warzone. Just days after its announcement, the anti-cheat software’s files have now been compromised, it seems, though some believe it was an intentional leak to trick the would-be hackers.

Modern Warzone, which has accurately reported on a variety of Call of Duty news in the past, was informed by sources that the leaked files finding their way onto cheating sites are the real deal. There is no word, however, on how the files managed to become available in the first place.

The site points out that this may not be a real leak at all. It’s possible that Activision intentionally leaked fake files to trick would-be cheaters into believing it was the real deal. If the leak is indeed genuine, it could be used to potentially undermine or circumvent the system, at least in theory.

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