Capcom announces Resident Evil 7: The Experience – Experience evil in person.

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To celebrate the upcoming release of Resident Evil 7 on January 24, Capcom has announced Resident Evil 7: The Experience, an event taking place in London from January 20 to 23.

Resident Evil 7: The Experience will take place in a dilapated east end venue and feature a story, inspired by the game, that places participants in the role of a journalist investigating their crew’s disappearance. During the 45 minute experience, a series of puzzles will have to be solved and both visible and unseen obstacles overcome before the mystery can be unraveled and escape achieved.

Game producer Masachika Kawata said “I’m extremely excited to see Resident Evil 7: Biohazard come to life through this Experience, and for participants to get a little taster of what is to come in the game.”

Resident Evil 7: The Experience takes place from January 20-23 and will be free to enter on a first come, first served basis with more information on booking tickets available here. The experience will be tackled in pairs and will also feature a playable demo of the game.

Source: God is Geek